Physical Theater Studies came together within the School of Physical Theater and Comedy.

At the end of a training based on Jacques Lecoq pedagogy, clown, physical storytelling,

as an experiment blending different styles such as mask acting, bufon, grotesque acting.

The game “Şatonun Altında” appeared.


The text was adapted from William Shakespeare's play Macbeth and was rewritte and moved to the stage. Buphones, one of the most original styles of Lecoq pedagogy, are the basics of the game. Who exists on the stage to believe in nothing and make fun of everything,

These creatures of the underworld are with Macbeth, one of Shakespeare's most powerful tragedies.

When they meet, an absurd, tragic and bloody comedy emerges. Humanity is a game for the Bufons.

It is only a means of playing, mocking and imitating. With this dimension, the play is provocative, dark,

disturbing and invites you to a rather funny journey. To the journey of our own darkness...


Under the Castle

Project Design and Adaptation: Pınar Akkuzu, Gülden Arsal

Written by: William Shakespeare

Directed by: Güray Dinçol

Cast: Pinar Akkuzu, Gulden Arsal

Project Assistant: Tuba Keleş

Stage, Costume Design and Practice: Physical Theater Studies

Visual Design: Uğur Açıkgöz