The play was written by American playwright Lucas Hnath in 2017, as a sequel to Henrik Ibsen's famous play Nora (A Doll's House).

In the finale of Ibsen's text, Nora leaves her home, leaving behind her husband and three children. Lucas Hnath says he had two ideas in mind as he started writing the play: First, a knock on the door (This is the door of the house Nora left 15 years ago.), second Torvald (This man is Nora's husband, whom she left 15 years ago.) and Nora will do what they didn't do in Ibsen's text, which is a real discussion ('shit', as the author calls it). Therefore, a doorbell rings, Anne Marie (This woman is the woman who raised Nora and Nora's three children when Nora leaves.) opens the door, it is Nora; Nora, who has not been heard from for exactly 15 years, was thought to be dead. And the game begins.


Written by: Lucas Hnath

Translated by Nihal G. Koldaş


Directed by: Saim Guveloglu

Game Assistant: Bilgesu Akin

Decor-Costume: Hilal Polat

Poster and Brochure: Berk İlhan



Anne Marie : Nihal G. Koldaş

Nora: Tulin Ozen

Torvald: Tansu Biçer

Emmy: Zeynep Çötelioğlu